Top Tips to Support Breastfeeding When you Return to Work

You've worked so hard to get nursing established, but if it's time to return to work you might not be ready for nursing to stop. There are so many benefits to breastfeeding beyond 3 months, including reduced infections and illnesses for your baby, so here are our top 5 tips for making breastfeeding work for you, while you're working.

1. Have a final breastfeed in the morning before you say goodbye to your baby.

2. Express what you can, while you can. So this means that some times of the day will be impossible to express - and others will be easier. Don't fight it. Just work out when's optimal for you.

3. Find the right pump. They are not all created equal and you might loathe some while you love others. 

4. Have a re-united breastfeed when you collect your baby, and allow time for this.

5. Use night feeds and co-sleeping as a way to reconnect and maintain the on-demand breastfeeding cycle.

Making your working wardrobe work for breastfeeding.

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