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Bshirt breastfeeding clothes top

What an amazing result we've had! Our photo shoot went like clockwork and the mums and babies gave a stellar performance. And now we're so pleased to share our new images with you. So check out all the corners of our website, find all the new pics and see what makes the Bshirt the best breastfeeding top around.

Because breastfeeding is such a unique experience, and because brands that market to women tend to create unobtainable ideals, we felt it was important that we used real women in our product images. Everyone we have worked with has breastfed their children at some point in their lives and we are thrilled to work with so many amazing women who support our mission to improve breastfeeding rates. 

We want to say thank you to the models, stylist and photographer for the amazing new images on our site. You've made our incredible product look amazing and we are so thrilled to share these new images with you.


Credit for photography Rachel Hoile of Dartington, Devon (mum of 2)

Credit for styling Jo Greene of Totnes, Devon (mum of 3)

Credit for production samples Rachel of Buttress and Snatch in London (mum)

Credit for modelling agency Impact Models of Truro, Cornwall


    Nursing Information

    Check out our new nursing info section on topics such as the benefits of nursing.
    Find out how much easier it is to breastfeed confidently in public with the Bshirt compared to using a nursing cover.

    Ethical & Organic

    We use only GOTS Certified Organic and responsibly sourced cotton in the manufacture of Bshirt products. This means that there is no use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and dyes. Choosing to buy organic clothing is good for you, your baby and the environment. You can read about our Ethical Fashion Principles here.

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