What are you Taking Down the Shore?

Apart from which beach to explore, you’ll have a million and one things to think of and possibly take with you to the shore if you have a family, particularly small children.

The Bshirt's HQ is a stone's throw from the coastline and we have plenty of beautiful beaches nearby, but with a family in tow, we need to think of everything... from parking and toilets to sheltered beaches and lifeguards, not to mention where to buy the all important ice cream!

That's the thing, you shouldn't have to compromise on location as long as you do a little research beforehand. We know you may still like those beaches off the beaten track... so just work out what your 'must have' facilities are.

family at the beach


Lifeguarded Beaches - When hitting the beach with a family, checking if there is a lifeguard on duty at your chosen spot is probably the first point to consider, especially if you have more than one child.

Type of Beach - Sand, shingle or pebbles. Sand is by far the softest to sit on, but can be really tricky pulling a stroller on. You may want to opt for a sling that day or an extra pair of hands to help carry the supplies.

Tide Times - It's worth looking into how large the beach space is at both high and low tide. Don’t sit too close to the shoreline as you’ll only have to move once the tide starts coming in!

Facilities - plenty of change for the parking meter, how close the parking lot is to the beach, toilets/shower, beach cafe/restaurant and opening times. WIFI facilities - yep, some beaches do have it! It’s worth noting that some beaches close at the end of the day.

beach breastfeeding clothing

What to take:

Sun protection  -  Of course, this is vital for that tender baby skin as well as for you too! Avoid the hottest part of the day, apply a high factor SPF sunscreen and reapply every couple of hours and after getting wet. Dress babies and children in loose long sleeved cotton clothing or UV sun suit, wide brimmed sun hat and sunglasses.

Wind and Sun protection - pack a UV pop up tent, which are great for allowing your baby to take a nap out of the basking heat, and beach umbrella. Take plenty of towels, a travel first aid kit and spare clothes.

Food  - a good sized cool bag/box, some of which you can buy on wheels. Lots of food, snacks and cool water.

Where to go: 

Well, we'll leave that up to you!

But we would definately love to hear about which beaches you've visited with your little ones and what they enjoyed there. Please send in your photos of you enjoying beach time in your Bshirt for your chance to be featured in an upcoming newsletter!

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