Celebrating Women Across the World Breastfeeding

The Independent has published a stunning set of images showing women worldwide breastfeeding. 

breastfeeding in the uk

breastfeeding in the northern Cacheu Region of Guinea-Bissau

Mihret Breast feeds her 6 month old son Dawit

Sierra Leone  breastfeeding

As a working mother, Fiona managed to breastfeed her baby for 28 months.

Nanai, a ‘cadre’ (volunteer community health worker), chats with Sujilah, who is breastfeeding her 5-day-old infant

Zar Gyi, 26, of North Htan Kone village of Oaktwin Township, who works in the paddy field, breastfeeds her childAmina Garba breastfeeding her child, Niger

UK breastfeeding in hospitalEthiopia - Asha Mohammed breastfeeds her 1-year-old son

Haiti 33 year old Saint Therese Petit cleans and cuts vegetables as as she breast feeds her 6 month old

View full photo journal on The Independent here (click to open pop up window when you scroll down on the page).

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