Top Tips for a Lazy Summer

So you're either on maternity leave, working part time, or a stay at home mom. And now it's summer! The days are longer and you're loving being at home with your baby. 

Forget the rest of the world, you’ve got your home to explore this summer!

mom with baby on shoulders

Our own moms might remind us of what they use to do in the good old days, but truthfully not much has changed since then if we just forget about the television, phones and laptops. When you’re young and the world is new, there’s a lot of entertainment to be found at home and in the garden.

Let you child or children roam around the house with you and if they’re old enough to help you with chores even better. We might walk by something every day, but a child's imagination has expertise at making more of what’s just in front of them. Here are some great FREE tips for enjoying those lazy summer days with your baby or kids.

  • One to one time is your greatest gift to your child  - anything such as drawing, reading, play dough, painting, baking, doing dishes, singing, to more active things like ball games, yoga, swimming and bike riding.
  • Going for walks in your neighborhood can be a lifesaver. Sometimes it's enough just to get out the front door, go around the block, and feel the sunshine. If you know the area well, you could make a flower/treasure/beach map and once all has been found or identified, perhaps the prize is an ice cream! Allow your younger child to enjoy carrying the treasure bag with all their findings
  • Explore light and dark with your baby: contrasts, patterns, textures. Make your own sensory baskets from things in your home and garden and explore these with your baby
  • Gardening - going on a bug hunt, planting seeds, or pulling out weeds are the kinds of things that kids of any age enjoy
  • Picnics - have breakfast outside and make it a picnic - a great way to start a lazy day (and less mess to worry about)
  • Making forts - take a pile of sticks and some cloth and suddenly you've got a fort to sit inside for shade
  • Cardboard boxes - great for coloring, painting or building with. Put those Amazon boxes to good use ladies!
  • Laundry- getting the baby to hang out laundry by giving them pegs and showing them where to put them. Making a game out of the mundane can be the difference between a chore and fun memories
  • Going to the supermarket might raise your eyebrows when you have another pair of hands involved, but if they’re old enough, ask them to write a shopping list, using words or pictures. Perhaps your younger child would like to take a long their own shopping trolley or basket to put their items into
  • Picking wildflowers - you can make a daisy chain, smash them onto cloth with a hammer, make a pretty bouquet or press them in books
  • Train and boats rides are popular during the summer too depending on where you live.
  • Trips to the library can often involve a whole morning or afternoon and you might want to wait for a rainy day for that one. Getting there, reading books, choosing books and perhaps even joining a sing-a-long group can be an adventure packed outing and more or less free.
  • If you have a pet, you could have a grooming day. Maybe even bathing your dog and dressing them up!
  • Let the baby take outdoor naps in the fresh air - either on a blanket or in a stroller
  • and, if you do manage to get the baby down for a nap - DON'T DO HOUSEWORK! Go out in the garden, read a book, or just relax. It's Summer, after all

Bshirt crossover breastfeeding

Don’t forget time is on your side during the summer holidays, so no need to rush!

Eat well, play well and sleep well…

Whatever you have planned, enjoy your summer breastfeeding mamas! And take some time for YOU. You deserve it.

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