How to get a Bikini Body....Put a Bikini on your Body!

Ah it's summer time! How's that diet and fitness routine gone that you started in January? Well, there's always next year!

So how do you get a Bikini Body??? Simple - just put a bikini on your body!!!

Truth is we will never be happy with our bodies - but we should. There will be one day in the future when you will say to yourself, wow, I was so thin when I was 20 and I didn't realise it. Or - wow, I wish I was more confident when I was 40 because now I'm 70!  You get the idea. The trick is to just get over it and enjoy these fleeting days of youth - and summer.

 But body image aside, it's time to disburse with some practical information.

In case no one ever told you, you can breastfeed wearing a normal swimsuit!!!

 Do you need to buy a breastfeeding swimsuit? No. The solution? You guessed it - adapt it!! It's really that simple. Pair your bikini with your Bshirt and a sarong and strutt like the chic summer diva that you are. 

There are many different swimwear choices you can make, from bikini to tankini, from crossback to muscleback, from swimsuit to legsuit, from single strap to double strap!! Microkini anyone? lol!

If you're thinking of the best figure flattering styles then this is the trick: it's all in the neckline... 


  • Perfect for breastfeeding - choose a WRAP design with ruched side detail. 
  • Although BANDEAU and SCOOP neck offer a more traditional style with huge support, there's not much give when you have a hungry baby.
  • Go on, take a PLUNGE! - This style of swimwear provides the easiest access to your boobs!! If ever you feel you need a little extra coverage, pop a Bshirt over the top.
  • Top Tip: non-wired numbers tend to offer less support but are far more comfy when you are breastfeeding.




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